How to setup availability sets on Windows Azure and deploy an MVP that will be….available….

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A few weeks ago we wrote a post about “How to launch your MVP in a budget with BizSpark” at the Apirise blog. The post briefly explains how someone can build an early MVP with BizSpark and Azure without binding to the Microsoft technologies stack! This post is a sequel of the original post but a bit more technical this time.

What we’ll try to do in this post, is to demonstrate how we can deal with the “availability” of our application (or MVP in the current context) when we build it on a cloud platform like Azure. For this reason we’ll discuss concepts like the “Availability Sets” of the Azure cloud platform and what technologies we can use in order to utilize the availability that the cloud service offers to us. We’ll mess a bit with replication but having the availability in mind and not the scalability of…

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Launching API Meetup in Athens

Two months ago, as Apirise, we attended APIdays in Berlin. APIdays is a conference held in cities like Barcelona, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo. The range of topics covered is really wide and include almost everything about APIs. In APIdays you may meet with vendors, developers, companies like Apigee, Facebook, Heroku, Intel, Netflix, Salesforce, Soundcloud, Stripe, Twitter, Zappier and people like Kin Lane or Mike Amundsen to mention only a few… you got the idea.

There is a big trend of API awareness and creating thriving communities that is being supplemented by regional efforts like the NordicAPIs. This creates a parallel networking effect that works in the background. For example, we met with people from Greece that we didn’t know before, but they participated in APIdays Barcelona or older APIdays conferences.

We spoke with them and we saw that there is common ground and will to create a similar community in Greece.

For this reason we created the API Athens Meetup. We start small and expect to «hear» the vibe of the local community. We want to make it a place where we all learn, exchange real life experience, have conversations with startups, companies and developers and hear the challenges they face in getting the word out about APIs in their context of work.

On June 25th we had our kickoff meetup.

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#AgileCrete Uncoference



An island that has almost everything. We know Crete for many things:
  1. people
  2. scenery
  3. hospitality
  4. weather
  5. food

and much more….

The least expected thing though is that this September the #AgileCrete Unconference takes place in Chania.
What does this mean for anyone going?

Combine your pation for Agile with the Cretan way of life

You are more than welcome to register and join:

8 reasons that made us change from Trello to Targetprocess 3

Have you ever been on a team? Have you tried to collaborate efficiently?

If so, you probably searched for tools that could make it work better for everyone. This post (which will be completed in two parts) is meant to share our experience on the subject and describe both the tools we end up using and the process we follow.

One of a team’s initial tasks is the selection of an appropriate work process, a way for its members to collaborate efficiently.

You can typically get there either by using a whiteboard and some post-it’s or by picking a tool that can solve the problem for you.
I tend to rely on the latter.

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What is Kanban? An introduction.

Working more and more with Kanban and Scrum methodologies made me create a presentation deck for a basic Kanban Introduction. Here it is , I hope you like it.


If you are in Greece you are welcome to join our meetup

If you are not you are welcome to follow us in twitter

If you want a more “textier” version of my presentation check this and this and this too… 

George Psistakis

I love technology and working with people. That is why I am trying to offer as much as I can at the local startup ecosystem and at the same time building Apirise. A visual platform that allows you to interact with already existing APIs and enable you to optimize your application and the APIs you use.

Discuss with me…

I’d love to know your ideas and thoughts on this post.
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FRENDS R&D development process

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This time I decided to post something not so technical as some of the latest posts have been. While this post does not directly deal with our products, it’s about how we develop them, meaning our processes.

Like many teams in software engineering industry, we also adopt agile methodologies in our work. We do not use any specific methodology as they are written, but with some modifications to fit our needs and ways of work better. The easiest way to describe our process is to say it’s a Scrum-like-process. Probably our work as a team resembles that of Scrum teams quite a bit. To an outsider it most likely will look like that we are a Scrum team: we have daily meetings in which we discuss the situation of issues in progress and possible obstacles that we have encountered. In addition to that, we have a planning meeting each Monday…

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