20+ Best Wardley Maps Resources & Examples You Can Learn from Each

Have you heard of Wardley Maps? Neither did I. A colleague of mine introduced them to me, so I set to find out more. I stumbled upon various resources, blogs, and tools during my learning search that I thought to share.  TL;DR, Wardley mapping is a robust framework for mapping your business on steroids! It's … Continue reading 20+ Best Wardley Maps Resources & Examples You Can Learn from Each

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Best Books for marketers – Back to basics

When we talk about marketing, we talk about humans and behavior. That means some things do not change that often. Here is a comprehensive list of the best books for marketing that you can start from. In the list you can find classics like the "48 Laws of Power", "Crossing the Chasm", "Predictably Irrational" or … Continue reading Best Books for marketers – Back to basics

Demystifying agile team roles – Product Owner

Product Owner, Product Manager we hear these terms (and roles) all the time. Also the role expectations could be different per company, department or even teams. You can even see these differences from a short thread here https://twitter.com/koqoo/status/1263738991939129349 In one team that I am involved, Upward, we decided to run a series of webinars from … Continue reading Demystifying agile team roles – Product Owner

Pipedrive KPIs and how to build a dashboard in minutes

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own. If you are a tech-savvy company that gets the importance of decision making in key business … Continue reading Pipedrive KPIs and how to build a dashboard in minutes

Awesome Daily Standup Tools for Slack

Working remotely is a thing for some time now, mainly among startups and entrepreneurs, but far along becoming mainstream. The concept of working remotely has become omnipresent. Everyone is writing guides about it, talking, posting on social media… Tools like Slack are in the backbone of companies and startups communication and remote culture. Companies that are using Slack, and are agile at the same time, use Slack standup bots that help them succeed in Scrum ceremonies like Daily Standups.

Easy Xero Analytics and Reporting

Almost 30% of businesses already using cloud applications for tasks like bookkeeping. You may use those SaaS applications for traditional tasks like invoicing, expenses, managing VAT, filling financial statements, forecasting cash flow, managing payments and many others. It’s no wonder why cloud solutions like Xero are so popular with currently more than 600,000 subscribers. SaaS … Continue reading Easy Xero Analytics and Reporting