I told you so

I told you so! : said when something bad happens after you warned someone that it would happen

(Definition of I told you so! from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Yes, “all of us” live humble and calm lifes. But sometimes comes a day that you want to say a loud “I told you so” to someone. Yes it can happen to anyone.

But this does not mean that you are a “know-it-all” person. Ok you may be, but this is not the case always. A Greek startup took this “negative” phrase and is trying to make it, to tranform it to someting nice. An iPhone social app that you can tease your friends by sending them “told you so” messages. Basically select a Facebook friend of yours, write your message and select the date that you want it to open. Until then your friend will see a timer counting downwards and the message will appear as “locked”.  They just started their private beta testing and they are getting ready for big things – enter tizu

pre-tizU story

A small story now. I first met the two founders Spiros and Apostolis 1 year ago at the Athens Startup weekend 2013. They were involved with another startup at that time. Following that event we didn’t have the time to speak, until we started getting to know each other from Startup events that were happening arround Athens.

Apostolis and Spiros are excellent guys, those guys that you can see that they are able to DO stuff…

About 5 months ago I had the chance to work along with them to a project. And yes my feeling was correct, they are funny, they are working hard and they can deliver. They are learning and they are creating this app on their own! They have their reasons. They want to say many I told you so’s, first to their selves.

That day we swore that no matter what, no matter how many months, money or energy would take, we would find a way to make this idea work, so as to be able to come back and say “We told you so!”
So we spent over 6 months during which we had to analyze the product and all of its potential markets, pick one segment and start prototyping. We pitched our idea with lots of people, entrepreneurs, mentors and potential users. We met incredible people that really helped us make our product better, we joined an incubator and finally, after more than 6 months of really hard work and many, many weekends sacrificed, we are launching the private beta of tizU in less than a week!

I hope best of luck Apostoli and Spiro, you deserve it. We will speak in the trenches 🙂

tizu app
a personal post
tizu at BetaLi.st

George Psistakis

I love technology and working with people. That is why I am trying to offer as much as I can at the local startup ecosystem and at the same time building Apirise. A platform to reduce time and effort required to integrate and maintain APIs. Simply, fast and efficiently!
I am co-organizer of the Agile Greece and API Athens meetups and I contribute at the Developer Economics Blog.

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