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As I am trying to be educated with the “right” / “correct” use of Social Media for a project than I run I stamble uppon to great information. The ammount of infromation comes from great resources like Buffer and Kissmetrics‎.

We all know Social media through our personal use but using it for a startup or a company is a totally different story.

One excellent resource of tips the “A Guide to High Quality Social Media Sharing: What, When and How to Share” from Courtney Seiter of Buffer.

Such an info in there!

In 3 words: “EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT”. There is no right way, there is no right day. There are patterns that you could utilize but you cannot have one schedule for everything and everyone. you cannot have the same content for everyone. Now your audience and make tests!
Here are some nice statistics that I got from the above mentioned post.

For Facebook, focus on the end of the week


For Twitter, try off-peak times


For Google+, late morning weekdays


For Pinterest, it’s all about Saturdays


For LinkedIn, before or after work


But please do read the source it is an excellent guide! at least for starting up. It helped me 🙂


George Psistakis

I love technology and working with people. That is why I am trying to offer as much as I can at the local startup ecosystem and at the same time building Apirise. A platform to reduce time and effort required to integrate and maintain APIs. Simply, fast and efficiently!
I am co-organizer of the Agile Greece and API Athens meetups and I contribute at the Developer Economics Blog.

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