Process over Product?

You are a startup. A wannabe startup. And you have an idea for a product that will conquer the world. Am I close?

AgileYou found the perfect team and you want to build the base for your future company and your product. In a startup you do not know how your product will be in 6 months (maybe less). The product changes, the features change. OK… stop… I will not go down that path, many things change…
Let’s assume for a moment that you came down to 1-2 main features and you want to build your MVP. Would you employ an agile strategy that early?

Personally I believe getting agile that early could be valuable in the long run. BUT this should not be done in expense of the Product or the Customer discovery or the Customer validation. It should not be an overhead.

A startup changes and iterates all the time. You want to reach MVP quickly and but some “agile” flavor in your development process too. Implementing Kanban as agile process could be very easy.

In order to run Kanban (see you basically need a whiteboard, post-its and markers… it is that cheap. But if you are a SaaS type of person there are many products out there that can help you do that.

What do you do in your case? Setting up agile processes at the stage of MVP?

George Psistakis

I love technology and working with people. That is why I am trying to offer as much as I can at the local startup ecosystem and at the same time building Apirise. A platform to reduce time and effort required to integrate and maintain APIs. Simply, fast and efficiently!
I am co-organizer of the Agile Greece and API Athens meetups and I contribute at the Developer Economics Blog.

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