Apirise: simplifying integration and maintainance of APIs

apirise beta

Wow what a ride it’s been, after tons of pitching, phone calls, iterations, updates, meetings, coffees and beers, we are overjoyed to announce that we are going live with our private beta of Apirise and the first invites are out of the door.

This is my most recent venture. As this is only a beta and we are still testing, trying stuff (and breaking too), we seek early adopters who:

  • Want to use our platform
  • Have a small idea what an API is
  • Are willing to send us feedback and work with us with making a better product that will provide value to them.

OK George but what is Apirise?

Today developers are using multiple APIs for their applications. That number will keep increasing in the next few years with the wide adoption of wearable devices, IoT, M2M and the likes. The use of so many APIs creates a lot of dependencies and increases complexity. For this reason as developers ourselves we wanted to make our job easier, faster and cleaner.

With Apirise you do not have to waste your precious development resources and time. Integrating APIs and maintaining them can be much simpler.

Apirise was built to help you work with and integrate multiple APIs. Simply, fast and efficiently!

… and who can use it?

Anyone who works with and integrates multiple APIs.Our aim is to change the way we interact with APIs.

You are welcome to register your email address at www.apirise.com and we will get back to you.

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