Launching API Meetup in Athens

Two months ago, as Apirise, we attended APIdays in Berlin. APIdays is a conference held in cities like Barcelona, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo. The range of topics covered is really wide and include almost everything about APIs. In APIdays you may meet with vendors, developers, companies like Apigee, Facebook, Heroku, Intel, Netflix, Salesforce, Soundcloud, Stripe, Twitter, Zappier and people like Kin Lane or Mike Amundsen to mention only a few… you got the idea.

There is a big trend of API awareness and creating thriving communities that is being supplemented by regional efforts like the NordicAPIs. This creates a parallel networking effect that works in the background. For example, we met with people from Greece that we didn’t know before, but they participated in APIdays Barcelona or older APIdays conferences.

We spoke with them and we saw that there is common ground and will to create a similar community in Greece.

For this reason we created the API Athens Meetup. We start small and expect to «hear» the vibe of the local community. We want to make it a place where we all learn, exchange real life experience, have conversations with startups, companies and developers and hear the challenges they face in getting the word out about APIs in their context of work.

On June 25th we had our kickoff meetup.

API Athens Meetup

31 participants (developers, designers, PMs or API craftsmen) came together at The Cube Athens to watch two presentations, network and exchange experiences about APIs.

The first presentation was from Michael Petychakis (@mpetyx). Michael gave a brief description of the most popular API standards and description languages in order to improve the overall API lifecycle and service interoperability. Of course Michael only scratched the surface. Each and every one of the slides is a conversation on its own.

The second presentation was from Dimitris Tydeas (@dmtrsslvdr). Dimitris has targeted to the design of an API and how we tend to do it with the wrong perspective. In his own words: “Thinking of database tables, been in the problem solving mode does not allow us to think how the API should be designed to honor our business values.” This seemed to be really the case, his presentation sparked the questions and interests from people designing their APIs. This is the aim of the meetup to provide this spark to the community and help each other on the way. Press here to check the transcript of his presentation (Mediterranean APIdays in Barcelona, May 2014 and 1st API Meetup in Athens, June 2014).

Concluding the first API Athens meetup has exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to the next one. We hope it will get better and better.

2014-06-25 19.47.26 2014-06-25 19.09.58 2014-06-25 19.26.37

A special thank you, to all of the participants, our kind hosts and presenters for their help and effort.

Look forward to seeing you again…

The organizing Team

Costas Pardalis, Dimitris Tydeas, Fotis Xenikoudakis, Michalis Petychakis, George Psistakis

API Athens Meetup

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