Pipedrive KPIs and how to build a dashboard in minutes

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If you are a tech-savvy company that gets the importance of decision making in key business activities like sales, then you probably already use a cloud CRM. Pipedrive is one of those rare bread CRMs that offer simplicity in use and powerful features.

But is this enough?

Enter data. Sales performance should not be in silos. A sales manager’s goals today are affected by customer support, marketing, and of course, product. If you have your data in silos, then you miss all the fun 🙂

What dashboard should I use?

There are many Business Intelligence and Dashboard solutions today. If you are like me and you do not want to be messing with infrastructure and database maintenance, simple and powerful tools like Databox will give you insights from the get-go.

You will need to connect Pipedrive with Databox and start getting your data into a comprehensive dashboard with preconfigured Pipedrive KPIs.

What are Pipedrive KPIs?

In order not to get lost in an information flood, it is essential not to try and monitor everything but instead be able to spot the most critical key performance indicators (KPIs) and compile a dashboard with them. This way, the monitoring of all vital metrics becomes easier, less time-consuming, and thus more effective.

Count and amount ($) of new deals added

By monitoring the total number of new deals each month along with their corresponding value, you can track your sales pipeline and your sales team performance.

So, the larger the number of new deals each month, the higher the probability that more users are going to convert to paying customers.

Count of emails sent or received by agents

This activity metric can help you understand the average number of emails required to book a demo or a meeting, the performance of your SDRs, and keep your team on pace.

Count of calls or meetings added

Again if you are looking for sales activity KPIs, you will be able to find how your team is performing.

Count of activities completed per agent

What about your sales’ agents activities in the month? If you are looking for similar activity KPI, you can get it again in this easy to use dashboard.

Number and Value of Won and Lost Deals

The number and total value of won or lost deals can be seen as complementary to the number and total value of newly opened deals. Getting that conversion number will help you understand how your leads are processing through your pipeline. Of course, having a transparent conversion rate between the stages of your sales pipeline is crucial too.

New Contacts and Organisations Added

How is the velocity of your new leads going? Are there any new contacts and organizations added that will start filling the top of your sales funnel?

Deals Leaderboard

Who is your top closer? Who is your prime deal creator?


Revenue metrics are your company’s heartbeat, but sales activity metrics can be equally informative for a sales manager.

If you are a Pipedrive customer and you need a dashboard for your most important Pipedrive KPIs, then Databox will transform your data into meaningful insights and delivered to your mobile, Apple Watch, TV display, or Slack channels. In minutes!

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