About me


Hi folks, I’m George

I’ve been writing on this blog for some time now, starting in 2013. I’ve lived in Athens since I was born, and worked to the private sector, public sector and ended up as an entrepreneur.

In 2014 I co-founded my first startup that became Blendo, a ventured backed company that helps companies and teams become data-driven. 

At these 6+ years, I am dealing with people, marketing, sales, growth, finance, and operations. We have grown our business model from a self-serve SaaS business, to a sales-driven SaaS, and to product-led SaaS since the end of December 2019.

Although my head is still thinking engineering and tech stuff it was hard for me to become a good boss and that’s why I am trying to improve and change my way of thinking. I will definitively write a few things about this.

I love growth and product/marketing. I like coming up with ideas. I fancy tinkering tools. I adore drilling into the data, team dynamics, agile practices. Basically, I love doing the work and creating.

Anyways, by day I am always happy to chat about SaaS, growth, product, and marketing, and by night I’m focusing on helping people with product-led tactics, agile, productivity and startups.

I am also a father of two lovely and noisy kids. They both sing and draw better than me.

I was also lucky to co-found Agile Greece and co-host the annual Agile Greece Summit. I am a Certified Scrum Master and co-organizer of the Agile Greece and API Athens meetups. I am also a consulting partner at Upward and we prepare nice stuff there.

When I have time, I run, play board games and read.

You can find me at Blendo or email me at george(at)blendo.co

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