Awesome Daily Standup Tools for Slack

Working remotely is a thing for some time now, mainly among startups and entrepreneurs, but far along becoming mainstream. The concept of working remotely has become omnipresent. Everyone is writing guides about it, talking, posting on social media… Tools like Slack are in the backbone of companies and startups communication and remote culture. Companies that are using Slack, and are agile at the same time, use Slack standup bots that help them succeed in Scrum ceremonies like Daily Standups.

What I have to say about self-organizing teams

Great post about self-organizing teams from @tisquirrel. I like the bullets at the end of it, but I think somebody has to read the whole post from the beginning.



Remember Agile manifesto? ‘The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams’. But why self-organizing teams? How to build them? How do they emerge?

When I say “self-organizing teams” top managers usually think ‘teams which need no management’, ‘magic teams which work twice as much’. They behave as if we can just hire 10 nice people, put them in one room and tell them “And now you have to self-organize.’ We talk a lot about such teams, but rarely can we assemble one. Some of my colleagues even say that it is a luxury to have such teams and we just can’t afford them.

I tried to collect all my thoughts on the self-organizing teams in this post.

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