20+ Best Wardley Maps Resources & Examples You Can Learn from Each

Have you heard of Wardley Maps? Neither did I. A colleague of mine introduced them to me, so I set to find out more. I stumbled upon various resources, blogs, and tools during my learning search that I thought to share.  TL;DR, Wardley mapping is a robust framework for mapping your business on steroids! It's … Continue reading 20+ Best Wardley Maps Resources & Examples You Can Learn from Each

Best Books for marketers – Back to basics

When we talk about marketing, we talk about humans and behavior. That means some things do not change that often. Here is a comprehensive list of the best books for marketing that you can start from. In the list you can find classics like the "48 Laws of Power", "Crossing the Chasm", "Predictably Irrational" or … Continue reading Best Books for marketers – Back to basics

Launching API Meetup in Athens

Two months ago, as Apirise, we attended APIdays in Berlin. APIdays is a conference held in┬ácities like Barcelona, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo. The range of topics covered is really wide and include almost everything about APIs. In APIdays you may meet with vendors, developers,┬ácompanies like Apigee, Facebook, Heroku, Intel, Netflix, Salesforce, Soundcloud, … Continue reading Launching API Meetup in Athens

Scrum update 2013

After two years of working closely with the agile and Scrum community, the originators of Scrum, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, have today announced the next series of updates to Scrum through the (2013) Scrum Guide, the definitive Scrum rule book and documentation of Scrum itself. Ken and Jeff have have incorporated a handful of … Continue reading Scrum update 2013