Startup Weekend Athens 2014.

Athens Startup Weekend 07/03 - 09/03

Do or Do not. There is no try.” Yoda

Yes. Game is on…

One of the best startup events starts in three weeks. Mark the dates: Friday, March 7 – Sunday, March 9, 2014.

Aim of the event is to get Developers, Designers and non-technical ppl come together, share ideas, create teams, create products and launch startups.  I participated in the last event where we won the third place and to IMHO this is a hell of an event to meet people and DO stuff!!!! I wish I could participate this year, but a new baby is on the road… and what a startup that is. I hope I will have time to join at some point and get a sniff out of the energy.

This is a MUST event!! It will be hosted by two excellent and experienced people / startupers / parents / entrepreneurs Maria Calafatis and Stavros Messinis (sorry Stavros, ladies first) at The Cube.

If you are a Developer, a Designer, or Non-technical / business get your tickets NOW!!! There is an early bird price!! until 25/2!

George Psistakis

I love technology and working with people. That is why I am trying to offer as much as I can at the local startup ecosystem and at the same time building Apirise. A platform to reduce time and effort required to integrate and maintain APIs. Simply, fast and efficiently!
I am co-organizer of the Agile Greece and API Athens meetups and I contribute at the Developer Economics Blog.

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First Scrum meetup in Athens

Scrum is a software development method/framework that focuses on delivering the highest business value to the customer as early as possible through short iterative development cycles that allow rapid and repeated inspection of the project.


meetup logoOn Wednesday, October 9th is organized the first scrum meetup in Athens.

This meetup is for all the Agile Enthusiasts and Practitioners in Athens and it is an open community for anyone who wants to learn, share knowledge and experience in Agile Implementation in Software Teams.

The objective of this group is to :

  • To discuss and create awareness of Agile Practises
  • To provide a forum where members can discuss the practical implementation success stories and also roadblocks of Agile.
  • To meet Industry Experts in the field of Agile

The meetup is going to be facilitated in The Cube Athens an excellent new startup cluster and innovation place at Kleisovis 8, Kaniggos Square, Athens (map). Thank you very much Stavros & Maria!

What will we learn in this meetup?

  1. “SCRUM Principles” by Yiannis Mavraganis (SCRUM Master)
  2. “Adapting Agile to avoid burn and boredom: How to adapt agile practices to team skills, experience and personalities” by Spyros Lamprinidis (Head of Engineering/People Per Hour)
  3. “How to introduce SCRUM and form agile teams in your organization.” by Fotos Georgiadis (Engineering Chef/Skroutz)
  4. “The essence of SCRUM: how it helps to cope with a startup’s product development challenges.” by Spyros Magiatis (CTO/Workable)

Have fun, learn and share.