Startups, Agile and MVP

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How to build an MVP on a budget with BizSpark

apiriseBuilding a startup is never easy! One of the key factors of success is cost reduction – run the business with minimal or even no budget at all, at least in the beginning. How? By taking advantage of opportunities wherever you find them.
Apirise begun just like any other startup business – an idea.

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How startup funding works

Have you build your startup? Are you planning too? There are many ways we can make it.

We could do it on our own  – with our money or mom’s –  if you built it, then yes! you are the man!! congrats!
Or get some funding… now, some months later or whatever. You can succeed something or suceed nothing (at least you may learn something).

BUT… if you manage to get traction then… this is another story.

So here is an excellent post and an even better infographic about “how funding works”.

The excellent blog from Anna Vital –

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Technology Entrepreneurship Part 1 – Stanford University

Technology Life Cycles and Diffusion

An excellent video about Technology life from my current Stanford course. Wait until 11:00 its getting better 🙂

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The Kauffman FastTrac program in Greece has started!

Is there a way out of a financial crisis?

Of course I am not the expert to answer that. Even they do not know, but reality is that Greece is in its 3rd+ straight year of recession with no apparent time plan for economic recovery. A lot of people are losing their jobs each month with the young people experiencing more pain. Amongst them is the range of people between 30-45 that found their “known” paths of working “destroyed” or going to be. It’s happening in Greece and elsewhere. There’s an imminent financial meltdown, but if that’s not the best way to ‘not let a good crisis go unexploited’, then I don’t know what is.

Realizing the need and also the existence of alternative options, more and more people have decided to take the plunge and become entrepreneurs, distancing themselves from traditional institutions and old ways of “doing” things.

So 1 month ago I took the decision to join the Kauffman FastTrac program that launched Oct 1st in Athens offered by the ALBA Graduate Business School at the American College of Greece andMetavallon, with the support of the US Embassy in Athens, Greece.

And by participating to this, it is already a venture for me…


Technology Entrepreneurship Part 1 – Stanford University

Another adventure… yes yes.

I participate in the Technology Entrepreneurship Part 1 MOOC course from Stanford University. They use the NovoEd platform which is pretty good from my point of view. I finished yesterday my first Assignment where you had to choose a local successful startup and write something about it.

Although the Greek market is small, it has a small number of successful startups like Bugsense, ParkAroundTaxibeat and many more! For example a major success story was released earlier this week (16/09) where Splunk announced agreement to acquire BugSense. Nevertheless I chose to write about Pinnatta and the reason of their success. I believe they are closest to the course objective, they are in the midst of their scaling up, they raised a recent major funding and they are cool 🙂

So here it is…

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