How to easily setup a beautiful blog with Ghost

WordPress has saved me a lot of times. I have used it in many projects and I am still getting surprised with its flexibility. So when we decided to launch our blog for Blendo it was a no brainer.

How to easily setup a beautiful blog with Ghost

At that time I remembered that I had heard for the Ghost blog platform so I decided to give it a try.

Ghost is a new blogging platform. It focuses more on content creation and presentation. It has a clean interface and can produce great results.

There are many ways to set up Ghost. You may host it at or host it on your own in one of the various cloud services out there. As Blendo runs on Rackspace, I decided to run it there. I also run a Windows 10 PC so I decided to write a quick and dirty guide.

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How to Kanban with Trello

You hear about Kanban all the time. There are great guides out there but you do not know where to start. Is this the case? I had the same problem too. So I tried to gather some really baby steps of implementing a simple Kanban system for your early development phase.

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