8 reasons that made us change from Trello to Targetprocess 3

Have you ever been on a team? Have you tried to collaborate efficiently?

If so, you probably searched for tools that could make it work better for everyone. This post (which will be completed in two parts) is meant to share our experience on the subject and describe both the tools we end up using and the process we follow.

One of a team’s initial tasks is the selection of an appropriate work process, a way for its members to collaborate efficiently.

You can typically get there either by using a whiteboard and some post-it’s or by picking a tool that can solve the problem for you.
I tend to rely on the latter.

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Second Scrum meetup in Athens

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Yesterday we held our second Scrum meetup http://www.meetup.com/Agile-Greece/events/148576992/.

A bunch of us (50+ people) got together for an hour at http://thecube.gr/ to exchange ideas about agile, lean and SCRUM. The idea behind it is to always have a technical presentation and a presentation from a company/startup to provide real-life experiences.

Spyros Magiatis Co-founder and CTO of Workable – a fast growing Greek startup – presented his experience working with Scrum to his startup and his older job.
From my side presented the technical part with some Scrum / Kanban / agile Software tools. Of course that is a broad area with a lot of good / bad / free / expensive software solutions. I tried to make a quick intro of around 10 tools – just scratched the surface though! – and provide some pricing for comparison reasons.

Here is my presentation.



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