Technology Entrepreneurship Part 1 – Stanford University

Technology Life Cycles and Diffusion

An excellent video about Technology life from my current Stanford course. Wait until 11:00 its getting better 🙂

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Technology Entrepreneurship Part 1 – Stanford University

Another adventure… yes yes.

I participate in the Technology Entrepreneurship Part 1 MOOC course from Stanford University. They use the NovoEd platform which is pretty good from my point of view. I finished yesterday my first Assignment where you had to choose a local successful startup and write something about it.

Although the Greek market is small, it has a small number of successful startups like Bugsense, ParkAroundTaxibeat and many more! For example a major success story was released earlier this week (16/09) where Splunk announced agreement to acquire BugSense. Nevertheless I chose to write about Pinnatta and the reason of their success. I believe they are closest to the course objective, they are in the midst of their scaling up, they raised a recent major funding and they are cool 🙂

So here it is…

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