How To Do A Damn Good Daily Standup Meeting

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself in a boring status meeting.
A manager with a task list at hand checks the general progress. All participants (usually in turn) will give a status update and then the deliberations begin: 5 minutes talking, 15 minutes talking, 30 minutes talking and the list goes on. In general, after 15 minutes, the average person’s mind starts wandering.

Daily standup meeting

Instead, Agile has the infamous “Daily Standup Meeting” (aka “Daily Scrum”). (Tweet This)

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Retrospective Meetings: 4 Valuable Things Spock Needs You to Know

Star Trek… I’m afraid this post will give away my age but I’ll say it anyway; although I would not consider myself a “trekkie”, a startup is in many ways like a Star Trek season series. An episode starts with a happy bunch, travelling and exploring planets and space. Suddenly something unthinkable happens. Something that nobody could expect.


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How to setup availability sets on Windows Azure and deploy an MVP that will be….available….

cpard's Blog

A few weeks ago we wrote a post about “How to launch your MVP in a budget with BizSpark” at the Apirise blog. The post briefly explains how someone can build an early MVP with BizSpark and Azure without binding to the Microsoft technologies stack! This post is a sequel of the original post but a bit more technical this time.

What we’ll try to do in this post, is to demonstrate how we can deal with the “availability” of our application (or MVP in the current context) when we build it on a cloud platform like Azure. For this reason we’ll discuss concepts like the “Availability Sets” of the Azure cloud platform and what technologies we can use in order to utilize the availability that the cloud service offers to us. We’ll mess a bit with replication but having the availability in mind and not the scalability of…

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Apirise: simplifying integration and maintainance of APIs

apirise beta
Wow what a ride it’s been, after tons of pitching, phone calls, iterations, updates, meetings, coffees and beers, we are overjoyed to announce that we are going live with our private beta of Apirise and the first invites are out of the door.

This is my most recent venture. As this is only a beta and we are still testing, trying stuff (and breaking too), we seek early adopters who:

  • Want to use our platform
  • Have a small idea what an API is
  • Are willing to send us feedback and work with us with making a better product that will provide value to them.

OK George but what is Apirise?

Today developers are using multiple APIs for their applications. That number will keep increasing in the next few years with the wide adoption of wearable devices, IoT, M2M and the likes. The use of so many APIs creates a lot of dependencies and increases complexity. For this reason as developers ourselves we wanted to make our job easier, faster and cleaner.

With Apirise you do not have to waste your precious development resources and time. Integrating APIs and maintaining them can be much simpler.

Apirise was built to help you work with and integrate multiple APIs. Simply, fast and efficiently!

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I told you so

I told you so! : said when something bad happens after you warned someone that it would happen

(Definition of I told you so! from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Yes, “all of us” live humble and calm lifes. But sometimes comes a day that you want to say a loud “I told you so” to someone. Yes it can happen to anyone.

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